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Time to raise the bar for Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill

The Dolphins have only produced one losing record in 12 seasons the team had a starting quarterback produce an 85-plus passer rating the past three decades

DAVIE — The ball was firing out Ryan Tannehill's hands as if he were playing a game of hot potato.

The decisions made during the one OTA practice the media watched this week were quick, and the passes were more precise.

A dig to Dustin Keller delivered right on the back shoulder of a linebacker.

A quick hitch to Mike Wallace arrived swiftly.

Tannehill noticed Brian Hartline had gotten behind the starting safeties during 11-on-11 drills and floated a deep ball to last year's leading receiver, allowing him to catch it in stride, putting Hartline in a foot race to the end zone just like the one they teamed up for in last year's record-setting performance against the Cardinals.

Tannehill was sharp in that game. He looked like a franchise quarterback, right up to his final snap — a game-sealing fumble in overtime.

During this week's practice, the first where the offense faced the defense, Tannehill looked like a quarterback ready to take that next step. And it was refreshing, exciting to witness.

It is clear Tannehill feels comfortable in year two. This is his offense. These are his new weapons.

The Miami Dolphins are his team. And now he's no longer a green, inexperienced rookie.

Tannehill has turned the page from this time last year, when Miami's 2012 first-round pick looked like he needed a diaper during OTA sessions.

Back then he was being sacked every fourth throw, and was spraying the ball all over the field to long shot receivers he wasn't familiar with. He wasn't Pat White bad, but after watching him in OTA last year few of his teammates felt he was in David Garrard's league, despite running an offense he knew the best.

"Last year at this time my head was spinning. I was just trying to figure out how things worked. I didn't really know how the day went, how the offseason went, how practices went," Tannehill said. "So being in it a year, I am completely comfortable. Now I can go out and focus on all the little things that go into the game."

The biggest question is how far can he take the Dolphins?

We've been on this road before. The Dolphins were supposed to be Chad Henne's team in 2010. Management got him a Pro Bowl receiver in Brandon Marshall and he was expected to take a drastic step forward.

He never did.

The next offseason they got him Reggie Bush, a better center in first-round pick Mike Pouncey and a new offensive coordinator.

But he was still a dud woodbooger.

The organization propped Henne up as a new and improved leader. Problem was few on the team truly believed in him, and fewer followed.

By now we should know what fabricated hope sounds like.

"One way to describe him is he's a gym rat. He loves football. He's been here an awful lot," coach Joe Philbin said of Tannehill, the quarterback whom he's attached his wagon to.

"He's been working out with the guys on their own, nothing orchestrated by us, well before the offseason program began. Those are all good indicators that somebody wants to be good. That's kind of step one.

"If you don't have players that want to be great, it's hard for them to keep climbing and keep accelerating their development. That's point number one that we're excited about."

Tannehill needs to show us what real hope looks like, and he needs to present it to South Florida by leading the Dolphins to a winning record for the first time since 2008, which means nine or more victories.

This second-year starter can get there by improving his completion percentage, throwing more touchdowns than interceptions, and performing better in the fourth quarter, when wins and losses are typically decided in professional sports.

Fourth-quarter performances are what separates the mediocre from the average, average from good, and good from great.

Last year Tannehill was mediocre in that department (finished 23rd with a 83.0 fourth-quarter passer rating), and as a result he produced just one fourth-quarter victory is six tries.

If he improves in those areas Tannehill should produce an 85-plus passer rating, and during the past three decades when the Dolphins have a starting quarterback behind center with that type of efficient, solid play the franchise has produced just one losing season in 12 years.

An 85-passer rating would have made Tannehill the NFL's 17th best quarterback last season.

Is that really too much to ask for from a player we all hope shows signs he's a franchise quarterback?

Dolphins' pass defense taking first steps on road to recovery

They haven't been ranked higher than 25th last two years but could now be stocked with talent

By Chris Perkins, Sun Sentinel

2:18 PM EDT, May 20, 2013

The Dolphins' defensive backs know the regular-season schedule.

They know beginning in Week Two they have four consecutive games against some of the NFL's best quarterbacks – Indianapolis' Andrew Luck, Atlanta's Matt Ryan, New Orleans' Drew Brees and Baltimore's Joe Flacco.

They also know they need to find two starting cornerbacks, a starting nickel (fifth defensive back) and dime (sixth defensive back) to join incumbent safeties Reshad Jones and Chris Clemons on the NFL's 27th-ranked pass defense in 2012.

The search begins Tuesday when the Dolphins open their three-day OTA (Organized Team Activities).

"We've got a great run-stopping defense with our defensive line," said safety Jimmy Wilson, who figures to contend for the nickel and dime jobs. "We've just got to step it up a little bit more in the secondary."

The Dolphins have big questions at cornerback but they also have big hopes because in the best case scenario they could find themselves stocked with talent.

Richard Marshall, Brent Grimes and Dimitri Patterson, who had injury-shortened seasons a year ago, are healthy. And Nolan Carroll, who started 10 games, is back along with R.J. Stanford, who got meaningful playing time.

The Dolphins drafted two cornerbacks – second-round pick Jamar Taylor and third-round pick Will Davis – fairly high so they should also contend for playing time.

Behind them are three longshots among returnees Julian Posey and De'Andre Presley and sixth-round pick Don Jones.

Marshall, a starter for the first four games until a back injury sidelined him for the rest of the season, has been cleared medically for full participation. It's been a long road back for Marshall, who at one time lost 30 pounds.

"I was in so much pain I wasn't eating," said Marshall, who had 17 tackles, five pass deflections and one interception last season. "I couldn't walk. I was on crutches. My left leg got smaller that my right leg because of the nerve damage in my back."

Grimes, signed from Atlanta, missed the final 15 games after tearing his Achilles tendon in the opener last September. He's been participating in the off-season program and expects to be ready for the regular season.

"It's a six- to nine-month recovery," said Grimes, who had six interceptions in 2009 and five in 2010, "so there you go."

Almost every player under contract will be in shorts and T-shirts for these non-contact OTA workouts.

Rookie defensive end Dion Jordan, the first-round pick from Oregon, won't attend because NFL rules prohibit rookies from participating in workouts until their academic year concludes. Oregon ends next month. Jordan wouldn't have participated anyway because he's recovering from shoulder surgery to repair a torn labrum.

Rookie left tackle Dallas Thomas, the third-round pick from Tennessee, won't participate because he's also recovering from shoulder surgery to repair a torn labrum.

But all the defensive backs, and specifically the cornerbacks, are healthy for the first time in months. The time they spend together now honing their craft could help a pass defense that hasn't ranked higher than 25th in the last two seasons.

"You know you're going to get beat sometimes," Jones said. "You know you're going to win a couple of battles. But it always comes down to the DBs. I think we'll be ready for the challenge.",0,5592355.story

General Discussion / Brandon Gibson Will Produce for Miami Dolphins
« on: May 20, 2013, 06:39:20 am »
Brandon Gibson Will Produce for Miami Dolphins

When the Miami Dolphins added Brandon Gibson through free agency, I thought it was a move that had potential to be a solid pick-up. I was surprised to see many Dolfans aggressively upset with the move. Some were upset because it likely meant the end of the line for fan-favorite Davone Bess, but the truth is he was in the Joe Philbin doghouse and was on the outside already. That ship was about to sail regardless so I agreed with the idea of being aggressive in bringing in a potential replacement for Bess. Others were upset because Gibson’s four-year career has been pretty pedestrian, and he is not a guy that can make a big play by racking up yards after the catch. ‘Phins phans were clamoring all offseason for the team to add playmaker-type additions to surround second-year quarterback Ryan Tannehill, and Gibson is not that guy. Despite that, I still see a guy that can bring value and production to the 2013 Dolphins (and going forward).

In his rookie season, we saw Tanny connect for some nice plays on second down with Bess, and I look for that to go to the next level with Gibson who does the majority of his damage on second down. When first down plays don’t yield much we will see Gibson make catches as a possession-type of WR. Again, we won’t expect much after the catch, but the 6-footer can be effective making possession-type catches on 2nd down. The hope is that translate to him being a legit red-zone threat as well.

2012 was Gibson’s best season, and he played very well vs. AFC East teams. He had his first ever 100-yard game last season (against the Buffalo Bills … six catches), plus he had three catches for 46 yards vs. the New England Patriots. Although he only had three catches for nine yards vs. the New York Jets, two of those catches were touchdowns. Against the ‘Phins, Gibson had seven catches on nine targets for 91 yards.

The rival Jets heavily pursued Gibson, but he chose Miami. It is worth noting that he has increased his average yard per catch in every season. Is he a difference maker like I feel Mike Wallace is? No (unless he can develop into a legit red-zone threat) … but … I do feel he is a guy who can help the team move the chains (2012 Dolphins were a putrid no.26 overall for earning 1st downs) and a guy who can and will contribute. I can’t see a lot of Gibson jerseys being sold, but the haters will come around when Gibson contributes.

I recently interviewed O.J. McDuffie for my show @RantingBenCraig and that interview will air on the Saturday May 25 show. OJ had some good things to say about Gibson, and OJ was clearly excited about what Gibson can do in this offense … when OJ talks WR play — I listen!


General Discussion / POSSIBLE VERM SIGHTING @ South Fl Sun Sentinel
« on: May 15, 2013, 06:38:50 am »
See what you think. It is someone posting under the verminator screen name. Even uses exclamation marks. See what you think then report back to post. Hey Ozzie were you ever close with verm? I used to have his email addy. I think it was but I'm not positive. I emailed him from time to time 7 or 8 years ago.....,0,71309.story?obref=obnetwork

 Down below where it has 3 comments there is text above them saying:

"Comments (13)             Add / View comments

click the "Add / View comments"  then when the page loads look for the "The verminator" posts

Miami Dolphins Rumors: Is There Room In The Backfield For Daniel Thomas?

One of the biggest changes for the Miami Dolphins this coming season will be at the running back position. For the last two seasons Reggie Bush has fulfilled the role of lead back, but they allowed him to go through free agency, and he will be carrying the ball for the Detroit Lions next season.

This leaves a hole in the Dolphins’ backfield that should be filled by third-year back Daniel Thomas, but his performance over the last two seasons and the acquisitions via each year’s draft say different.

Thomas shows flashes of competence, such as the 107-yard debut in Week 1 of the 2011 season, but whether due to injury or shared carries, that was the only game in which Thomas was able to break the century mark. His 3.54 yards a carry over two seasons is not the greatest number to have on a resume, and he now has an extensive history of concussions.

Coming in to Miami, the knock on Bush was his durability, but during his two years with the Dolphins it was Thomas who continued to be sidelined by injuries. This is one of the biggest reasons he may not be the answer in 2013.

The other big reason is the other options the Dolphins have at the position. In last season’s draft, Miami stole Lamar Miller in the fourth round, and although he saw limited action in his rookie year, Miller was very fun to watch when he was on the field. He led the team in yards per carry (4.9) and his one touchdown came on an impressive 15-yard scamper through the Oakland Raiders defense. The Dolphins allowed Bush to sign elsewhere knowing they had a young player with a similar skill set in Miller.

Miami may have gotten another steal in last month’s draft when they took Mike Gillislee with the 164th overall pick, late in the fifth round. Gillislee spent four years in the Florida Gators‘ backfield, but he made very little noise until last season when he racked up 1,152 yards and 10 touchdowns. How his game will translate to the NFL is still unknown, but early rumors have him in line to be Miller’s backup this season.

If Miller starts and Gillislee backs him up, then where does Thomas fit into the equation?

With OTAs and training camp just around the corner, there is still the possibility Thomas could win over the coaching staff. But there is no guarantee he will still be on the roster at that point, and it is becoming clear that he will be among the many veterans who will be fighting for a spot on the final 53-man roster.

Ryan Clark(Steelers CB): Tom Brady 'sees ghosts'

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark said Monday on ESPN's "NFL Live" that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady "sees ghosts" when defenses are able to bump his receivers and keep him under pressure.

Walker: Clark's Evaluation Has Merit

Walker Numbers don't lie and neither does game film, so Ryan Clark has a strong point when he says Tom Brady "sees ghosts" in the pocket, writes James Walker. Blog

Clark, working this week in Bristol, Conn., as a guest analyst, made his comments when asked how vulnerable the Patriots are given the offseason loss of Wes Welker.

Clark said the key to playing the Patriots is keeping pressure on Brady.

"In 2010, we saw it start with the Jets in the playoffs," he said. "When Tom Brady gets pressure and when you're man-to-man and bumping those guys and making it hard for him to throw, he sees ghosts.

"Even when guys aren't around him, even when he's not about to be sacked, when his clock goes off in his head that the ball should be out, we'll see him duck, we'll see him flinch. When you get Tom Brady doing that, the whole New England Patriots mystique goes away."

Clark was then asked what the game plan was when the Steelers played the Patriots.

The Haunting of Tom Brady

The longer Tom Brady spends in the pocket, the less effective he is. Last season, he had an 81.1 Total QBR when in the pocket for less than three seconds and a 59.7 Total QBR when in the pocket for three or more seconds. A look at Brady by time in the pocket in 2012:

Category    Under 3 seconds    3 or more
Comp. pct.    68.2    42.3
Total QBR    81.1    59.7
Sack pct.*    1.8    11.8
*Sacks per drop-back

"I'll be honest, the years we tried to go in there and fire zone and play Tom Brady in that way, he was able to pick us apart. In that, you're not overloading the offense -- one-on-one rushes, only rushing five, so he's able to find places to go," Clark said.

"Two years ago we played them and dominated them because we went man-to-man and had a big corner in Cortez Allen on [Rob] Gronkowski, and made it hard for Tom Brady to get the ball off, in timing, and made him to have to make plays. It was hard for him."

Clark said the Patriots' loss of Welker is "huge."

"I know they think Danny Amendola can come in and have the same type of numbers he had with the Rams, but we also have to remember, he's fragile," he said. "He's not a guy who has completed a whole season, especially playing inside in what can be a physical AFC East. You also think about Gronkowski and the injury; that is going to be bigger than anything for the New England Patriots coming in this year. Also Aaron Hernandez …"

The Patriots host the Steelers on Sunday, Nov. 3

General Discussion / Ozzie uhmmm.. I mean *cough* Mel weighs in
« on: April 28, 2013, 05:56:08 pm »
The NFL Draft was completed less than 18 hours ago. That's plenty of time to grade the draft picks for all 32 teams. ESPN's Mel Kiper, Jr. did exactly that today, giving a grade for value, a grade for needs, and an overall grade for each team. How did he view the Miami Dolphins' 2013 Draft? Let's see.

    Miami Dolphins

    Top needs: DE, OT, CB, WR, FB
    Needs Gade: B
    Value Grade: C
    Overall grade: B-

    Summary: The Dolphins didn't give up a ton when they moved from No. 12 to No. 3. They sent a second-rounder to Oakland, and they had an extra one to give. They took the player they really wanted, which was Dion Jordan. I certainly can't call it a reach because Jordan is one of the top five players on my Big Board. He's a gifted athlete that can help their pass rush. But I can't totally disagree with Jon Gruden, who was critical of the move during our broadcast. I'm not sure you cast him in a 4-3 DE role, because he could be a physical liability against the run. But I don't think Miami will. They'll use plenty of sub packages and use Jordan opposite Cameron Wake, and try to make life hard for opposing quarterbacks. Jamar Taylor at No. 54 is a pretty good value for a player that can probably start. Dallas Thomas at No. 77 is a player Miami might actually think can start at left tackle. If so, good value. But I think he's likely more of a versatile backup. If he starts as a rookie, the Dolphins could have a tough time in pass protection. I'm a fan of Jelani Jenkins, who can cover really well for a linebacker. Dion Sims can't separate very well, but he's good depth at tight end. Caleb Sturgis being drafted could mean Dan Carpenter is out. They could get three good players from those first three picks, but they did give up value for Jordan, so the onus is on them to make that pick become a success.

I see that crazy Australian retired train engineer is at it again.  :o  But at least he isn't eat up with the dumbass like a certain other "verms hut" refugee I know who is extremely jaded when it comes to the Dolphins. ;D

  Miami Dolphins Rumors: Branden Albert Trade Rumors Heating Up

The Kansas City Chiefs used their franchise tag on left tackle Branden Albert and the two parties have been at odds ever since. Now, the unhappy offensive lineman has signed the franchise tender, a move that can be seen as a possible prelude to a change in scenery for Albert.

The free agent market has not been as player friendly as the average free agent would like, and by signing the tender, Albert locks in a $9.828 million, one year contract. It also makes Albert a candidate to be shopped around the league, and the Miami Dolphins could be a possible suitor.

The Dolphins have made several big moves this off-season in an effort to challenge the New England Patriots’ supremacy of the AFC East. One area Miami is in desperate need is at left tackle.

Jake Long had been the guy protecting their quarterback’s blindside, but he recently turned down the Dolphins’ contract offer, and is now a member of the St. Louis Rams. This leaves Jonathan Martin as the only option on the roster at this moment. Martin played five games at left tackle last season as a replacement for Long who was sidelined by injuries. His efforts were among the worst in the NFL. Out of 80 offensive tackles rated by Pro Football Focus, Martin came in at 76.

Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill is feeling very nervous right about now.

Miami does own several picks in this year’s NFL Draft, including five picks in the first three rounds with the 12th pick overall. Offensive tackle is thought to be a deep position in the draft, but to get the sure thing for the future, the Dolphins would have to consider trading up to get a crack at the top candidates. It may be something general manager Jeff Ireland is not willing to do.

There are also other roster spots the Dolphins want to address in the draft. Having their first pick available for a top tier cornerback would be an option Ireland would love to have.

The Chiefs own the first pick in the upcoming draft, and the rumors are swirling that they are interested in left tackle Luke Joeckel. If this is the case, trading Albert is their best bet. Right now it sounds as though they would be open to a possible 2nd round pick for Albert, and the Dolphins would be foolish to squander such an opportunity.

The need is there, the player is worth it, and it works hand in hand with the Dolphins assumed draft plans. This deal appears to be the perfect pairing, and if it is going to go down, expect the news within the next 24 hours.

Dannell Ellerbe gets $35 million contract from Dolphins, leaving Ravens, source says
Linebacker is an unrestricted free agent

By Aaron Wilson The Baltimore Sun 5:46 PM EDT, March 12, 2013

Unrestricted free agent inside linebacker Dannell Ellerbe is leaving the Ravens.

Ellerbe has reached an agreement with the Miami Dolphins on a five-year, $35 million contract, according to a league source with knowledge of the situation.
Ellerbe had been in talks with the Ravens throughout Tuesday, but they were unable to reach a compromise.

Now, Ellerbe heads to the Dolphins, a move that may cost incumbent linebacker Karlos Dansby his job.

A former undrafted free agent, Ellerbe had expressed hope to the Baltimore Sun last week that he might rejoin the Ravens.

He recorded a career-high 89 tackles and 4.5 sacks last season, leading the Ravens with nine tackles in a Super Bowl victory over the San Francisco 49ers.

“There's always a chance, and that's what I'm hoping will happen,” Ellerbe said last week. “The Ravens are a perfect situation for me. Hopefully, it's a perfect situation for me to sign on the dotted line.”

However, it didn't work out. Now, the Ravens have a big hole in the middle of their defense with Ellerbe gone and Ray Lewis retired.

General Discussion / We got Mike Wallace! That's good right?
« on: March 12, 2013, 06:00:29 pm »
Miami Dolphins make big splash by agreeing to terms with Mike Wallace

Miami Dolphins address their most glaring need by signing former Pittsburgh Steelers star Mike Wallace

By Chris Perkins and Omar Kelly 4:17 PM EDT, March 12, 2013

The Miami Dolphins burst into free agency Tuesday by agreeing to terms with high-profile wide receiver Mike Wallace, the top free agent on the market and one of the best deep threats in the NFL.

Wallace agreed to terms on a five-year contract worth $65 million, with $30 million guaranteed.

Wallace more than fulfills the Dolphins' stated goal of wanting to get play-makers this offseason. The speedy free agent from the Pittsburgh Steelers, provides the downfield big-play threat Miami’s pedestrian passing offense has been missing for years.

Last season, he had 64 receptions for 836 yards and eight touchdowns. Two years ago, he had 114 receptions for 1,193 yards and eight touchdowns.

The fact that Wallace agreed to terms with the Dolphins on Tuesday, the first day teams were able to sign free agents, also speaks volumes of the job general manager Jeff Ireland was able to do in recruiting the four-year veteran.

During last month’s NFL Scouting Combine, Ireland said he didn’t necessarily need to sign a big-name, high-dollar free agent. He said the goal is to sign someone who would help the team.

“If that particular player we think is going to help our football team move forward and take a big step, and if he has a big name, great,” Ireland said.

The major knock on Wallace is he has a tendency to drop passes. He had five drops through six games last season, including four in a game against Cincinnati. But that was unusual. Wallace had never dropped more than four passes in season prior to last year.

The way things appear now, Wallace will team with fellow wide receiver Brian Hartline and slot receiver Davone Bess to form the basis of the wide receiver corps for quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

The Dolphins, who began Tuesday’s free agency signing period with $31 million, are still thought to be in the running for Tennessee tight end Jared Cook, who has the skills to run the seam route (down the hashmarks) and make plays in the red zone (inside the opponents’ 20-yard line), another missing element of the Dolphins’ offense.

The Dolphins seemingly have placed a premium on improving their passing offense.

Last season, Miami was 26thin passing offense; two seasons ago they were 23rd.

Last year, Miami was 27thin scoring at 18.0 points per game; two seasons ago they were 20th at 20.6 points per game.

Wallace should help improve those numbers. And his ability to get open deep should open up underneath routes for Bess and the tight ends. The attention Wallace commands should make life easier for Hartline on the other side.

The fact that Wallace is an established deep threat should also help Tannehill in his second year in the league.

 Ireland and the Dolphins still have to make a multitude of other acquisitions via free agency and the draft for this to be declared a successful off-season, but Wallace’s signing gets things off to a bold and dramatic start.

Report: Tannehill, others trying to get Matt Moore to stay in Miami
by Josh Alper on February 17, 2013, 4:59 PM

The conventional wisdom around the league right now is that teams looking for quarterback help in the offseason aren’t going to have much to choose from.

There’s no standouts coming out of college, no one’s sure what the 49ers and Seahawks will do with Alex Smith and Matt Flynn and there aren’t any clearcut starters headed for free agency other than Joe Flacco. Flacco’s not getting there, of course, which means that lesser names like Matt Moore could be in high demand due to the dearth of supply on the market.

Despite that, Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports that Ryan Tannehill and others from the Dolphins have been reaching out to Moore to try to sell him on the idea of staying in Miami. Getting Moore to pass up at least a shot at a starting job will be no easy task, especially if Jackson is right about one of the teams that might have Moore on the radar.

Jackson writes that Browns offensive coordinator Norv Turner is a “big fan” of Moore, a theory that has some support in the Chargers’ 2011 pursuit of Moore before he wound up signing with the Dolphins. That scenario is very similar to this one as Moore passed on a chance to back up Philip Rivers so he could play behind a far less secure starter in Chad Henne.

Ryan Tannehill and Miami Dolphins Smart For Moving Towards Read-Option in 2013

by Devin O'Barr

The NFL is a copycat league and with the read-option working so well for teams in 2012 it will be even more popular this Fall. Oddly enough it was the Miami Dolphins who started the famous “Wildcat” offense in 2008 when Ronnie Brown was torturing defenses and now they’re visiting a new fad.

With the 2013 offseason moving right along talks are beginning to circulate about Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins planning on implementing the read-option. I fully understand the direction of the team as they have the quarterback capable to do so and the offense was dreadful scoring a lousy 18 points per game which was 27th in the NFL in 2012.

The Washington Redskins, Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers all used the zone read in 2012 and had plenty of success doing so as they all made the playoffs–something the Dolphins have done all but once in the last decade.

I think this is a match made in heaven especially if the club decides to let Brian Hartline go and not bring in one of the top free agent wide receivers currently available as the talent pool will be shallow in Miami. This would give the Dolphins leverage moving forward and be able to give the AFC East a run for their money with a new flavor on the offensive side of the ball.

For those of you scoffing at the idea of Tannehill running with the likes of Robert Griffin III and Colin Kaepernick take a look at the statistics as the eighth overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft has the skills to run this system. In his senior season with Texas A&M  Tannehill rushed 58 times for 306 yards and that same season Griffin rushed for 699 yards on 179 carries–that gives the former a considerable yards-per-carry advantage over the 2011 Heisman winner.

Make no mistake Tannehill can throw the long ball and was a wide receiver for his first two years as an Aggie so he definitely has all of the skills necessary to run this particular scheme.

There will definitely be some growing pains for the second-year quarterback but, it’s time for a new regime in Miami and perhaps this offense get them to double digit wins for the first time since 2008.


General Discussion / 2013 Potential Unrestricted Free Agents by Team
« on: February 01, 2013, 07:37:54 pm »
List of potential UFAs according to NFLPA

The National Football League Players Association annually releases the list of potential unrestricted and restricted free agents coming to market in March. That release comes during the Super Bowl.

Today, the NFLPA released the list. And I have it for you.

Remember this list can change as teams typically try to sign their own players they have targetted prior to the start of free agency. So some players on this list won't hit free agency. But most will.

By the way, many of you have asked for an update on the Brian Hartline negotiations because those talks with the Dolphins wide receiver affect what Miami does both in the draft and free agency at a position of utmost need. I'm told the talks continue. But nothing is imment.

So there's that.

The list by team:

2013 Potential Unrestricted Free Agents by Team


Arizona Cards Adams, Michael CB 5

AC Batiste, D'Anthony OL 6

AC Eason, Nick DE 10

AC Groves, Quentin LB 5

AC Holliday, Vonnie DE 15

AC Hoyer, Brian QB 4

AC Johnson, Rashad S 4

AC Lenon, Paris LB 11

AC McQuistan, Pat OL 7

AC Ohrnberger, Rich OL 4

AC Sanders, James S 8

AC Stephens-Howling, LaRod RB 4

AC Toler, Greg CB 4

Atlanta Falcoons Baker, Sam OL 5

AF Cox, Mike RB 5

AF Gonzalez, Tony TE 16

AF Grimes, Brent CB 5

AF Hope, Chris S 11

AF McClure, Todd OL 14

AF McCown, Luke QB 9

AF Moore, William S 4

AF Owens, Christopher CB 4

AF Peterson, Mike LB 14

AF Reynolds, Garrett OL 4

AF Sidbury, Lawrence DE 4

AF Svitek, Will OL 7

AF Walker, Vance DT 4

Buffalo Bills Byrd, Jairus S 4

BB Choice, Tashard RB 5

BB Jackson, Tarvaris QB 7

BB Johnson, Spencer DE 9

BB Levitre, Andy OL 4

BB Martin, Ruvell WR 7

BB McIntyre, Corey RB 8

BB McKelvin, Leodis CB 5

BB Merriman, Shawne LB 8

BB Moore, Kyle DE 4

BB Morrison, Kirk LB 8

BB Rinehart, Chad OL 4

BB Scott, Bryan LB 10

BB Thigpen, Tyler QB 6

Baltimore Ravens Bajema, Billy TE 8

BR Brown, Ricky LB 7

BR Considine, Sean S 8

BR Cundiff, Billy SF 7

BR Ellerbe, Dannell LB 4

BR Flacco, Joe QB 5

BR Ihedigbo, James S 6

BR Johnson, Chris CB 8

BR Kemoeatu, Ma'ake DT 10

BR Kruger, Paul DE 4

BR McBean, Ryan DE 4

BR McKinnie, Bryant OL 11

BR Reed, Ed S 11

BR Williams, Cary CB 4

CH Bears Bell, Kahlil RB 4

CHB Bowman, Zack CB 5

CHB Campbell, Jason QB 8

CHB Hayden, Kelvin CB 8

CHB Hayes, Geno LB 5

CHB Idonije, Israel DE 10

CHB Knox, Johnny WR 4

CHB Louis, Lance OL 4

CHB Mare, Olindo P/K 15

CHB McCown, Josh QB 10

CHB Melton, Henry DT 4

CHB Moore, D.J. CB 4

CHB Nolan, Troy S 4

CHB Okoye, Amobi DT 6

CHB Rachal, Chilo OL 5

CHB Roach, Nick LB 6

CHB Scott, Jonathan OL 6

CHB Spencer, Chris OL 8

CHB Urlacher, Brian LB 13

CL Browns  Brown, Sheldon CB 11

CLB Cribbs, Joshua WR 8

CLB Dawson, Phil P/K 14

CLB Fujita, Scott LB 11

CLB Hodges, Reggie P/K 6

CLB Jackson, Brandon RB 6

CLB Johnson, Josh QB 4

CLB Maiava, Kaluka LB 4

CLB Massaquoi, Mohamed WR 4

CLB Parker, Juqua DE 12

CLB Smith, Alex TE 8

CLB Ventrone, Bubba S 5

CLB Watson, Benjamin TE 9

CN Bengals  Brown, Josh P/K 9

CNB Clements, Nate CB 12

CNB Crocker, Chris S 10

CNB Geathers, Robert DE 9

CNB Gilberry, Wallace DE 5

CNB Gradkowski, Bruce QB 6

CNB Harris, Clark OL 4

CNB Howard, Thomas LB 7

CNB Huber, Kevin P/K 4

CNB Johnson, Michael DE 4

CNB Jones, Pac-Man CB 6

CNB Lawson, Manny LB 7

CNB Leonard, Brian RB 6

CNB Maualuga, Rey LB 4

CNB Newman, Terence CB 10

CNB Nugent, Mike P/K 8

CNB Peerman, Cedric RB 4

CNB Roland, Dennis OL 5

CNB Scott, Bernard RB 4

CNB Sims, Pat DT 5

CNB Skuta, Dan LB 4

CNB Smith, Andre OL 4

CNB Tate, Brandon WR 4

Carolina Panthers Anderson, Derek QB 8

CP Applewhite, Antwan DE 5

CP Barnidge, Gary TE 5

CP Edwards, Dwan DT 9

CP Hartsock, Ben TE 9

CP Martin, Sherrod S 4

CP Munnerlyn, Captain CB 4

CP Murphy, Louis WR 4

CP Phillips, Jason LB 4

CP Pollak, Mike OL 5

CP Senn, Jordan LB 5

Denver Broncos Bannan, Justin DT 11

DB Brooking, Keith LB 15

DB Bruton, David S 4

DB Clady, Ryan OL 5

DB Hunter, Jason LB 7

DB Koppen, Dan OL 10

DB Leonhard, Jim S 8

DB Porter, Tracy CB 5

DB Stokley, Brandon WR 13

DB Vickerson, Kevin DT 7

DB Warren, Ty DT 10

DB Willis, Matt WR 4

Dallas Cowboys  Butler, Victor DE 4

DC Coe, Michael CB 6

DC Coleman, Kenyon DE 11

DC Dockery, Derrick OL 10

DC Frampton, Eric S 6

DC Jenkins, Mike CB 5

DC Jones, Felix RB 5

DC Ladouceur, L.P. OL 8

DC Moorman, Brian P/K 12

DC Ogletree, Kevin WR 4

DC Peprah, Charlie S 7

DC Phillips, John TE 4

DC Poppinga, Brady LB 7

DC Sims, Ernie LB 7

DC Spencer, Anthony LB 6

Detroit Lions Avril, Cliff DE 5

DL Cherilus, Gosder OL 5

DL Delmas, Louis S 4

DL Durant, Justin LB 6

DL Florence, Drayton CB 10

DL Fluellen, Andre DT 4

DL Gandy, Dylan OL 7

DL Hanson, Jason P/K 21

DL Harris, Nick P/K 12

DL Harrison, Jerome RB 7

DL Heller, Will TE 10

DL Hill, Sammie Lee DT 4

DL Hilliard, Corey OL 4

DL Houston, Chris CB 6

DL Jackson, Lawrence DE 5

DL Lacey, Jacob CB 4

DL Lee, Patrick CB 5

DL Levy, DeAndre LB 4

DL Logan, Stefan WR 4

DL Muhlbach, Don OL 9

DL Osgood, Kassim WR 10

DL Smith, Kevin RB 5

DL Williams, Corey DT 9

GB Packers Benson, Cedric RB 8

GBP Driver, Donald WR 14

GBP Grant, Ryan RB 6

GBP Jennings, Greg WR 7

GBP Jones, Brad LB 4

GBP Walden, Erik LB 5

Houston Texans Ball, Alan S 5

HT Barwin, Connor LB 4

HT Butler, Rashad OL 7

HT Caldwell, Antoine OL 4

HT Casey, James RB 4

HT Cody, Shaun DT 8

HT Demps, Quintin S 4

HT Dobbins, Tim LB 7

HT Forsett, Justin RB 5

HT Fox, Keyaron LB 9

HT Graham, Shayne P/K 11

HT Harris, Ryan OL 5

HT James, Bradie LB 10

HT Jones, Donnie P/K 9

HT McCain, Brice CB 4

HT Nading, Jesse DE 4

HT Quin, Glover S 4

HT Routt, Stanford CB 8

HT Ruud, Barrett LB 8

Indy Colts  Avery, Donnie WR 5

IC Butler, Darius CB 4

IC Collie, Austin WR 4

IC Fokou, Moise LB 4

IC Freeney, Dwight LB 11

IC Hills, Tony OL 5

IC Johnson, Antonio DT 6

IC Justice, Winston OL 7

IC McAfee, Pat P/K 4

IC Moala, Fili DE 4

IC Moore, Mewelde RB 9

IC Powers, Jerraud CB 4

IC Stanton, Drew QB 6

IC Westerman, Jamaal DE 4

Jax Jags  Britton, Eben OL 4

JJ Cox, Derek CB 4

JJ Jennings, Rashad RB 4

JJ Jones, Greg RB 9

JJ Knighton, Terrance DT 4

JJ Mathis, Rashean CB 10

JJ Meester, Brad OL 13

JJ Middleton, William CB 4

JJ Molden, Antwaun CB 4

JJ Palmer, Jordan QB 4

JJ Parmele, Jalen RB 4

JJ Smith, Daryl LB 9

JJ Vallos, Steve OL 5

KC Chiefs Albert, Branden OL 5

KCC Bowe, Dwayne WR 6

KCC Colquitt, Dustin P/K 8

KCC Daniels, Travis CB 8

KCC Dorsey, Glenn DE 5

KCC Elam, Abram S 7

KCC Gafford, Thomas OL 5

KCC Hillis, Peyton RB 5

KCC Hochstein, Russ OL 12

KCC Jones, Edgar TE 6

KCC Lilja, Ryan OL 9

KCC O'Connell, Jake TE 4

KCC Pitoitua, Ropati DT 4

KCC Quinn, Brady QB 6

KCC Siler, Brandon LB 6

KCC Smith, Shaun DT 8

KCC Williams, Leon LB 4

Miami Dolphins Bush, Reggie RB 7

Miami Dolphins Clemons, Chris S 4

Miami Dolphins Fasano, Anthony TE 7

Miami Dolphins Garner, Nate OL 5

Miami Dolphins Hartline, Brian WR 4

Miami Dolphins Kaeding, Nate P/K 9

Miami Dolphins Long, Jake OL 5

Miami Dolphins McDaniel, Tony DT 7

Miami Dolphins Moore, Matt QB 6

Miami Dolphins Smith, Sean CB 4

Miami Dolphins Starks, Randy DT 9

Minn Vikings Aromashodu, Devin WR 5

MV Berger, Joe OL 8

MV Brinkley, Jasper LB 4

MV Felton, Jerome RB 5

MV Henderson, Erin LB 5

MV Loadholt, Phil OL 4

MV Mitchell, Marvin LB 6

MV Sanford, Jamarca S 4

MV Schwartz, Geoff OL 4

MV Simpson, Jerome WR 5

NE Pats Allen, Will CB 12

NEP Arrington, Kyle CB 4

NEP Barrett, Josh S 5

NEP Brace, Ron DE 4

NEP Branch, Deion WR 11

NEP Chung, Patrick S 4

NEP Cole, Marquice CB 4

NEP Edelman, Julian WR 4

NEP Fiammetta, Tony RB 4

NEP Koutouvides, Niko LB 9

NEP Martin, Derrick S 7

NEP Pryor, Myron DT 4

NEP Richard, Jamey OL 5

NEP Scott, Trevor DE 5

NEP Talib, Aqib CB 5

NEP Thomas, Donald OL 5

NEP Vollmer, Sebastian OL 4

NEP Waters, Brian OL 13

NEP Welker, Wes WR 9

 NEP White, Tracy LB 10

NEP Woodhead, Danny RB 5

NO Saints  Bushrod, Jermon OL 6

NOS Casillas, Jonathan LB 4

NOS Daniel, Chase QB 4

NOS Ellis, Sedrick DT 5

NOS Henderson, Devery WR 9

NOS Humber, Ramon LB 4

NOS Mack, Elbert CB 5

NOS McBride, Turk DE 6

NOS Robinson, William OL 4

NOS Roby, Courtney WR 7

NOS Shanle, Scott LB 10

NY Giants Barden, Ramses WR 4

NYG Beatty, William OL 4

NYG Beckum, Travis TE 4

NYG Bennett, Marty TE 5

NYG Bernard, Rocky DT 11

NYG Blackburn, Chase LB 7

NYG Boothe, Kevin OL 7

NYG Carr, David QB 11

NYG Hixon, Domenik WR 6

NYG Johnson, Bruce CB 4

NYG Locklear, Sean OL 9

NYG Lumpkin, Kregg RB 4

NYG Phillips, Kenny S 5

NYG Rivers, Keith LB 4

NYG Rogers, Shaun DT 12

NYG Tryon, Justin CB 5

NYG Tynes, Lawrence P/K 9

NYG Umenyiora, Osi DE 10

NYG Witherspoon, Brian CB 4

NYJ Bell, Yeremiah S 9

NYJ Devito, Mike DE 6

NYJ Edwards, Braylon WR 8

NYJ Folk, Nick P/K 6

NYJ Greene, Shonn RB 4

NYJ Hilliard, Lex RB 4

NYJ Keller, Dustin TE 5

NYJ Landry, LaRon S 6

NYJ Moore, Brandon OL 10

NYJ Schilens, Chaz WR 5

NYJ Slauson, Matt OL 4

NYJ Smith, Jason* OL 4

NYJ Thomas, Bryan LB 11

Oakland Raiders  Barnes, Khalif OL 8

OR Bryant, Desmond DT 4

OR Carlisle, Cooper OL 13

OR Carter, Andre DE 12

OR Gaither, Omar LB 7

OR Giordano, Matt S 8

OR Goodson, Mike RB 4

OR Hagan, Derek WR 7

OR Hanson, Joselio CB 8

OR Lechler, Shane P/K 13

OR Leinart, Matt QB 7

OR Mitchell, Mike S 4

OR Myers, Brandon TE 4

OR Seymour, Richard DT 12

OR Shaughnessy, Matt DE 4

OR Spencer, Shawntae CB 9

OR Wheeler, Philip LB 5

Philly Eagles Dorenbos, Jon OL 10

PE Dunlap, King OL 5

PE Jordan, Akeem LB 6

PE Landri, Derek DT 6

PE Rodgers-Cromartie, Dominique CB 5

PE Scott, Jake OL 9

PE Tapp, Darryl DE 7

P Steelers Allen, Will S 9

PS Batch, Charlie QB 15

PS Burress, Plaxico WR 11

PS Foote, Larry LB 11

PS Foster, Ramon OL 4

PS Hampton, Casey DT 12

PS Johnson, Brandon LB 7

PS Johnson, David TE 4

PS King, Justin CB 5

PS Leftwich, Byron QB 10

PS Legursky, Doug OL 4

PS Lewis, Keenan CB 4

PS Mendenhall, Rashard RB 5

PS Mundy, Ryan S 4

PS Pope, Leonard TE 7

PS Starks, Max OL 9

PS Wallace, Mike WR 4

PS Warren, Greg OL 8

SD Chargers Barnes, Antwan LB 6

SDC Battle, Jackie RB 6

SDC Brown, Ronnie RB 8

SDC Carr, Chris CB 8

SDC Cason, Antoine CB 5

SDC Dombrowski, Brandyn OL 4

SDC Franklin, Aubrayo DT 10

SDC Green, Tyronne OL 4

SDC Guyton, Gary LB 4

SDC Hadnot, Rex OL 9

SDC Jammer, Quentin CB 11

SDC Lynch, Corey S 5

SDC Martin, Vaughn DE 4

SDC Novak, Nick P/K 5

SDC Phillips, Shaun LB 9

SDC Rosario, Dante TE 6

SDC Spurlock, Micheal WR 5

SDC Vasquez, Louis OL 4

SDC Wells, Reggie OL 10

SDC Williams, Demorrio LB 9

SF 49ers Davis, Leonard OL 12

SF Ginn, Ted WR 6

SF Goldson, Dashon S 6

SF Gooden, Tavares LB 5

SF Grant, Larry LB 4

SF Haggans, Clark LB 13

SF Jacobs, Brandon RB 8

SF Jean-Francois, Ricky DT 4

SF Moss, Randy WR 14

SF Sopoaga, Isaako DT 9

SF Walker, Delanie TE 7

SL Rams Amendola, Danny WR 4

SLR Clemens, Kellen QB 7

SLR Dahl, Craig S 6

SLR Fletcher, Bradley CB 4

SLR Gibson, Brandon WR 4

SLR Haggan, Mario LB 10

SLR Hayes, William DE 5

SLR Laws, Trevor DE 5

SLR McIntosh, Rocky LB 7

SLR Richardson, Barry OL 5

SLR Smith, Steve WR 6

SLR Turner, Robert OL 5

SLR Williams, Chris OL 5

S Seahawks Branch, Alan DT 6

SS Hauschka, Steven P/K 4

SS Hill, Leroy LB 8

SS Jones, Jason DE 5

SS Morrah, Cameron TE 4

SS Omiyale, Frank OL 8

SS Trufant, Marcus CB 10

TB Bucs Barber, Ronde S 16

TBB Bennett, Michael DE 4

TBB Biggers, E.J. CB 4

TBB Clark, Dallas TE 10

TBB Economos, Andrew OL 7

TBB McDonald, Brandon CB 6

TBB Miller, Roy DT 4

TBB Parrish, Roscoe WR 8

TBB Stroughter, Sammie WR 4

TBB Trueblood, Jeremy OL 7

T Titans Adibi, Xavier LB 5

TT Ball, Dave DE 8

TT Bironas, Rob P/K 8

TT Cook, Jared TE 4

TT Dawson, Keyunta DT 5

TT DeVan, Kyle OL 4

TT Diles, Zac LB 6

TT Douzable, Leger DT 4

TT Harris, Leroy OL 6

TT Johnson, Quinn RB 4

TT Lutui, Deuce OL 7

TT Marks, Sen'Derrick DT 4

TT McRath, Gerald LB 4

TT Mouton, Ryan CB 4

TT Reynaud, Darius RB 4

TT Ringer, Javon RB 4

TT Witherspoon, Will LB 11

TT Wynn, Jarius DE 4

Wash Redskins Alexander, Lorenzo DT 6

WR Balmer, Kentwan DT 5

WR Black, Jordan OL 8

WR Brown, Jammal OL 8

WR Cooley, Chris TE 9

WR Davis, Fred TE 5

WR Golston, Kedric DE 7

WR Griffin, Cedric CB 7

WR Grossman, Rex QB 10

WR Jackson, Tanard S 5

WR Kehl, Bryan LB 5

WR Lichtensteiger, Kory OL 4

WR Polumbus, Tyler OL 5

WR Rocca, Saverio P/K 6

WR Williams, Madieu S 9

WR Wilson, Chris DE 5

* Could potentially VOID at end of 2012 League Year

Posted by Armando Salguero at 06:20 PM | Permalink

Read more here:

General Discussion / Dolphins unlikely to re-sign Reggie Bush?
« on: January 29, 2013, 05:13:04 pm »

The Reggie Bush show in Miami might soon draw to a close.

By Keith Beebe on Jan 29, 10:00

Despite Bush's comments that he'd like to return to the Dolphins in 2013 because the team has "unfinished business," reports indicate that Miami is ready to move on without No. 22 in its backfield. CBSSports' Jason La Canfora (who continues to look more and more like Chaz Bono, no?) last week wrote that it's "highly unlikely" Bush will remain in Miami, and that his "ability to make explosive plays and contribute on special teams will lead to a nice (free agent) market forming for him."'s Chris Wesseling expanded on La Canfora's original statement.

    "While the Dolphins are expected to make Bush a cursory 'team-friendly' offer, the smart money is on the versatile back signing a short-term deal with a contender," Wesseling wrote. "Turning 28 in March, Bush is a long shot for a final mega contract even after averaging more than 1,000 rushing yards in two seasons with the Dolphins."

The main suitors for Bush this offseason? Wesseling lists the Detroit Lions and Cincinnati Bengals as the two teams most interested in acquiring a back with Bush's skill set.

As it stands, the clock is about to strike midnight on Bush's time with the Dolphins--a relationship that began, fittingly, with a deal brokered after midnight 18 months ago.


Jets Have "Exploratory Discussions" About JaMarcus Russell

By Kevin Nogle on Jan 29, 11:00a

In a week of Super Bowl build up, including more coverage of Ray Lewis and the brothers Harbaugh than you could ever want, the Newark Star-Ledger has brought us possibly the greatest, and funniest, news story possible. According to their report, the New York Jets are working to improve their quarterback position - and somehow, the conversation turned to former number one overall pick turned massive bust JaMarcus Russell.

And massive actually describes Russell. The quarterback, who was floating around the Senior Bowl last week trying to drum up interest and, possibly, a try out, told people that, since starting his comeback six weeks ago, his cardio regimen has him down to a svelte 308 pounds.

Sounds like exactly what the Jets need, right?

According to the Star-Ledger report, the team had "very exploratory, informal discussions" about Russell. To be fair, the Jets seem to be turning over every possible quarterback rock, despite head coach Rex Ryan's "support" of his tattoo, I mean quarterback, Mark Sanchez. The team was seen spending time with North Carolina State quarterback Mike Glennon, as well as having scouted West Virginia's Geno Smith, Syracuse's Ryan Nassib, and Virginia Tech's Logan Thomas (who decided to return to to school this year).

While new general manager John Idzik is doing his due diligence in finding some competition for Sanchez, you know you are laughing at the idea of Russell with the Jets.

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