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General Discussion / Re: The draft inches closer...
« on: April 29, 2014, 01:07:39 pm »
.....and we should pick up a lot of offensive lineman.

You are probably right, but I agree only if they trade up, The top 5 OL guys will probably go before #19
so in that case don't need to waste picks on the same caliber players you can get from college FAs.

If you get a chance come by the Dolphin Thread at the Heman Forum and check out MY draft day for the Dolphins!

General Discussion / Re: Dolphins defense is playing respectable
« on: April 29, 2014, 01:01:56 pm »
Hey Sherif, didn't realize some of you still came around here.

If you get a chance come by the Dolphin Thread in the Heman Forum and check out my draft thread. I Have Made My PICKS!

Of course....another way to beat New England is hope all their unsigned players sign with other teams and some may even get put in jail.......

If money is not an issue then what is it? Contract length? Does Leach want a contract for 1 year or 3-4?

Wonder if the Phins are in a stalemate with they want 1 year and he wants more or vice versa.

FF....sorry I can't help u there re Verm. I used to have him on ICQ many many years ago but we lost touch.

I agree with u on Facebppk I rarely go there. I hate the format and the amount of stupidity in the place.

Hope u are well in yer life.
I agree facebook is getting ridiculous. I do like it for quick communication though. It has been easier to contact
a lot who play heman each year.

Hey Fish, just heard from James (atomicbuddha)
He is sitting out both Heman and the ESPN keeper
leagues, sure you can't change your mind?
R-e-a-l-l-y hope you could take his spots now!  :-\

I joined a ways back but that forum must have been the one you told me about that create-a-forum put the bollix on for lack of use. Anyway I registered just now, OK?
OK, I have had a few folks not answer back on whether they're playing or not.

Would you care to be an odd changer if need be?

General Discussion / Re: Contacted Support about Absence of Admin
« on: May 30, 2013, 10:09:01 pm »
I'll see if there is any Fins news to read & or post..............

Oh yeah btw Chuck, I came to a conclusion on ff. It was a tough decision to make but I'm not gonna be a participant again this year.
Damn Fish, that sucks. I guess it is what it is. I thought you enjoyed playing and I always like the fact you always stay on top of your
teams. So many times I see folks stop playing midway through the season. Hope you change your mind........

As for when I started posting at Verm's, I was told about World Crossing from my Lions fan friend Frank. He was a member of the Lions Forum on there for years
and after the forum moved on to bigger and better things, he kept a thread for his fantasy football money league so I started posting there in 2004ish.
I actually played in his league a few years before I knew about the forum. Then he told me to use it just to sign in and let him know I was playing. I
started searching for other stuff on this brand new thing I discovered and low and behold I stumbled across Miami Dolphin Talk in my travels. I started
posting in 2004 and joined the skirt league in 2005. The rest is history and here I am......

General Discussion / Re: Contacted Support about Absence of Admin
« on: May 28, 2013, 10:18:23 pm »
Aw....  poopey doopie!

I guess I'm the only one who remembers verms heart troubles 3 to 5 years ago. No one commented on it. Oh well....... I swear it happened.
I don't remember much of anything right now from world Crashed, I believe you though.

I checked a few Herald pages on facebook, nothing there, and also even checked out the herald site and couldn't find
any message boards there. Probably right in my face and missed em....

OK I'll keep my phone handy.

An "Old dayer?" You mean "all dayer?" Yeah thats gotta be it........ ;D
Yea, it was all dayer, sorry used my phone for that one.
I called you about 4pm today, got your voice message. I know you sleep a little during
the day, so I'll try you in the morning on Thursday.

Are you gonna join the new forum? Please do...

Ok Fish, I will try tomorrow (Tues). Today is an old dayer at work for me.
As for the ticket, yea sick of SOS, also getting rid of Directv soon, it is just getting rediculous
in price and I hardly watch it now.

BY....THE....WAY.... F.I.S.H. ...........2 things:

1, What's up with Heman for you this year? Did you see my thread? I know we always let back former players first before others, but
I find it hard to believe ALL 14 from last year are returning, so I would like for you to play. How 'bout the forum? It's pretty simple,
and exclusive to just Heman, we can still talk Dolphins here. I am going to start sending the link out soon, and we will see what happens.

2, My ESPN keeper money league, the commish is now finding out who's returning, I told him I know someone who
will take over an unclaimed team. You're still up for that one too, right?

yea, yea, Tannethrill.....yadda Look, I hope he pans out, I was rootin for him last year, and I will this year
(well in the games I get to watch, no ticket for me this year). I still say he has accuracy issues, and he has to realize
he's no Roethlisboyga, he can't sit back in the pocket too long trying to be patient on making his throw, he cannot
take the hits Ben takes and it don't hurt to take off and run every now and again, which I will admit, he started doing much
better towards the end of the season.

« on: May 19, 2013, 09:06:14 pm »
 OK folks, things are clearer to me now, I contacted support and tried to get them to let me have the keys to this place, but to
no avail...they said they can't do it and that's that. Here is what I want to do. I created a Heman Forum, this forum is up and
running right now. This forum is strictly devoted to Heman and I do believe you guys will like it. NOW with that being said, this is
not MY league, this is OUR league, so if any of you have any thoughts and ideas PLEASE speak! I am only happy to take over
as commish as long as you are happy with me doing so.  AGAIN please give me feedback, of any other ideas, places to go, etc
you have and we can discuss. I just don't think we should stay at a place we can't control and Verm Obviously is unobtainable....


REMEMBER, you have to take a minute to register just like you did here, no big deal. then you will see the new layout
I have created. If ANYONE has any suggestions, please ask....I still need to tweak a few things but the main page is ready
so take a look and tell me what you think. Me and #1 Son are the only registered as of now....

Well a while back 3 or so years ago I found a Verminator account on FB and sent the invite just to get ignored.

I will try the Herald pages when I get a chance and see if I can mustard up something....

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