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Title: "Holding!" I bellowed from my computer chair. HOLDING!!!
Post by: Fish Fiend on November 27, 2012, 06:56:03 pm
Holding!" I bellowed from my computer chair. HOLDING!!! But no one listens to me. We have been getting the shaft for quite some time. When the team is no longer considered to be in the upper echelon of teams in the power rankings it seems like refs/officials\zebras no longer give you the benefit of the doubt on borderline calls. Plays that get reviewed. We hardly EVER end up on the good end of a reviewed play although we finally did vs Seattle. This .jpg below is a definite hold that didn't get called even though WE were the home team. That sucks!


Sean Smith getting held here as he tries to assist Burnett get the stop on Golden Tate.

I saw three or 4 holds like this that also didn't get called. We only had 2 penalties for 15 yards total while Seattle had 10 for 59. A lot but they were holding on a lot of their plays. Some teams hold on every play with the idea that the refs can't possibly penalize them on every down; and by jove they get away with it.........Most of the time. We have a difficult time as it is staying on the field with many teams and yet time and time again we not only have to content with teams that have more potent skill position players but also we have to do it with the refs working against us. The Walt Anderson crew is the worst. If we get him, count on a loss. Then our old buddy from that Bears game Gene Sterator. I dunno if he always hated us or if he was just a Bears fan and then after he made that bad call against us on Rothlessrapis'ts fumble into the end zone and all of OUR fans jumping on his case. Now he really DOES HATE US. F him!

Now we can add Jeff Triplett to this list after the Buffalo game where he(or someone from his crew) penalized Carroll four times. \END RANT

Title: Re: "Holding!" I bellowed from my computer chair. HOLDING!!!
Post by: Kintsugi on July 05, 2021, 03:16:08 am
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